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Who am we?

If this isn’t clearly apparent, is a new enterprise, still in the process of definition. Intended more as a public forum than a platform for individual voice/s, entries originating from the editorial source at this point are usually signed with the monniker “Worlding”  much in the same way that periodicals like The New Yorker historically have presented short opinion in an unsigned manner. As Worlding accrues a bit of an identity and and girth of content, we fully intend to lengthen contributions with signed ” Features” and “Opinion” sections, as well as longer essays, portfolios, and, naturally, the moving image.

If any of this resonates with our readers, we welcome comments or suggestions. For that matter, we welcome any manner of collaboration on this effort, even in the form of criticism.

Right now this is simply a bloggy-kind-of-site with an admittedly idealistic set of ambitions: to look at the “world” in the broadest possible terms at a time when so many forces conspire to narrow our view, to look at our muddled humanity and acknowledge that none of us really have many answers, and to simply make one more effort––one ephemeral electronic gasp––to talk, to share, and maybe make things just a smidgen better somewhere . . .  in someone’s world.


David Trend, Professor

Department of Art

University of California, Irvine



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