Habits Learned from Being Bullied

In our continuing series on bullying, here is a bit that has gone viral in recent weeks, authored by Annalee Newitz and found on a site called io9.

“Like a lot of geeks, I spent several years in social hell as a kid. You know the routine. They passed mean notes about me in class. They got together in big groups at lunchtime, surrounded me, and asked me weird, sneering questions. They punched me, insulted me, crank called my house at 3 AM, and smeared pizza sauce on my favorite white shirt. And the strange thing is that I think they made me a better person. Here are six life lessons I learned from being bullied when I was a geeky kid.

1. Ignore Insults and Keep Going

2. Everybody Is Probably Laughing at You, But It’s Not Really A Big Deal

3. There Is Nothing More Important than Friendship

4. Fantasies Are More Powerful Than Pain

5. Always Distrust Popularity

6. Give Up On Revenge

For full story, see: http://io9.com/5966749/six-lessons-i-learned-from-being-bullied-as-a-geeky-kid