Fidel’s revolution continues

Over 50 years ago the United States launched a comprehensive embargo against Cuba, aimed at isolating the country and bringing it to political and economic ruin.

But Cuba keeps chugging along, despite the collapse of the Soviet Union and its other bigger friends.


And yesterday they just had another election, as reported by Al Jazeera:

“Ailing Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro has made a surprise appearance in Havana to vote in parliamentary polls, expressing confidence in the revolution despite a decades-long US trade embargo. Castro’s visit to the voting precinct in Havana’s El Vedado neighbourhood was the main event in Sunday’s elections, during which Cubans chose 612 members of the National Assembly as well as deputies of local legislatures.

“The 86-year-old is said to have spent up to an hour talking to other voters and the media after casting his vote. About 8.5 million Cubans took part in the polls that featured no opposition candidates. Authorities billed the event as a celebration of Cuban democracy, ‘which is different’from those in other countries. Cuban dissidents dismissed the vote as a farce, however.
‘What strange elections, in which there is no choice and all the candidates think the same,’ Yoani Sanchez, the dissident blogger, commented.

“Before Sunday’s appearance in Havana, Castro had not been seen in public since October 21, when he accompanied Elias Jaua, the current Venezuelan foreign minister, to the Hotel Nacional. ’I am convinced that Cubans are really a revolutionary people,’ Castro told reporters who surrounded him at the polling station. ‘I don’t have to prove it. History has already proven it. And 50 years of the US blockade have not been – nor will it be – able to defeat us.’”

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