And now, fees to apply for art teaching jobs

“A tenure-track job is surely a valuable commodity, but would you pay for a shot at one?” Inside Higher Education reports that  “A listing for a faculty painting position at Colorado State University attracted some heat on Twitter when several academics noticed the $15 fee attached to the position.

“The job ad states simply: ‘In lieu of postage and duplication costs you will be charged a fee of $15.’ Gary Voss, chair of Colorado State’s art department, confirmed in an e-mail to Inside Higher Ed that there is a fee for applying for the position. The fee, he said, is paid to, the site that hosts the job listing and that applicants use to submit their portfolio. SlideRoom, which is used by a number of colleges and universities, is an applicant management system that allows for the transmission and organization of forms, references, creative materials Continue reading “And now, fees to apply for art teaching jobs”