A pregnancy health game in India and Africa

imgres-1Games-for-Change continues to advance the use of interactive technologies toward pro-social goals, with a post today on a new game called 9 Minutes produced by Half the Sky.

9 Minutes was designed for mobile devices for users in India and East Africa, with content addressing pregnancy.  “9 Minutes plays out the adventure of pregnancy and rewards pregnant women and their spouses for keeping both mother-to-be and the baby inside her healthy and happy.”

Data from game use thus far “ shows measurable positive shifts in knowledge, attitudes, and behavioral intentions toward promoted safe pregnancy and delivery actions following exposure to the game. A report on the game, published with support from USAID and PEPFAR, details the results of a C-Change project evaluation conducted in India.  The study utilized a mixed-methods design with quantitative pre-/post-tests combined with qualitative focus group discussions.  608 female and 308 men participated in the study.

“Study objectives included measuring how familiar safe pregnancy practices were prior to game exposure and whether or not knowledge, shifted perceptions of acceptability or intention to act was increased through game exposure.

“For example, when participants were asked to name beneficial pregnancy activities, significant increases were made from pre- to post-test intervention. Games for Change worked with evaluation experts to define a theory of change around the game early on in development. Research on games’ impact is frequently unattainable, costly, or an afterthought.  Yet, demonstrating effectiveness is an essential step for scaled adoption.  As we recognize the importance of evaluation, we highly encourage G4C projects to consider this early in the development process.”


Full report and story at: http://www.gamesforchange.org/2013/03/9-minutes-mobile-game-evaluation-demonstrates-positive-change-for-pregnant

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