American Family Association condemns inaugural speech

Famous for its reactionary takes on many issues, the American Family Association (AFA) issued a condemnation of President Obama’s broad stance on human rights in his Inaugural Address.

In its remarks, the AFA joined other right wing groups like the Family Research council and National Organization for Marriage, who recently have been stepping up their criticisms of White House policy.  The AFA’s Bryan Fischer condemned President Barack Obama’s inaugural address, pointing specifically to it specific references to the LGBT community. As Huffington Post quotes Fischer: “Homosexuals do not have a constitutional right to engage in sodomy.”  The story continues:

“Noting that sodomy was a


felony for the first 200 years of America’s history, he added, ‘It’s absurd in the extreme, it’s ridiculous, it’s ludicrous for homosexuals to claim that they have some kind of constitutional right to engage in sexually deviant behavior. All men are created equal, but nobody, nobody, nobody is born gay.’Fischer, who also argued that Obama “displays ignorance’ in his embrace of same-sex marriage and other LGBT rights and ‘doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” stated. ‘Nobody’s born that way!’

“Fischer’s remarks follow those of National Organization for Marriage (NOM) President Brian Brown, who argued that LGBT Americans already have the same rights as heterosexual Americans. The Family Research Council’s Peter Sprigg has objected to the president’s comparison of the 1969 Stonewall Inn riot — a watershed moment for gay rights — with similar moments from the women’s rights and Civil Rights movements. ‘We as social conservatives do not agree with the president’s attempt to link the modern homosexual movement with the women’s rights movement or the civil rights movement for African Americans,’ Sprigg said. ‘The irony is that homosexuals already have all the same civil rights as anyone else.’”


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