Sales booming for bullet-proof backpacks

No this isn’t a joke. The Nation today reports that such things actually exist and that people are buying them for their children like crazy in the wake of the school shootings:

“Firms selling bullet-proof children’s gear – including Disney Princess and Avengers backpacks lined with Kevlar-type sheeting – are reporting a massive surge in sales in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre.

“Salt Lake City-based Amendment II is among several firms being accused of callously cashing-in on the tragedy in which 26 people were gunned down including 23 children.525082_10151216477798802_1898309770_n

“The firm is currently promoting a range of $300 bulletproof backpacks, alongside body armour in children’s sizes and say they have sold as many in a week as they usually sell in three months

According to the company website, the backpacks are capable of stopping bullets from most handguns and can also be used as shield. Amendment II also sells cheaper bullet-proof inserts which can be used into any backpack. A message on the company’s homepage pledges to give 10 per cent of website purchases to families of the Connecticut victims. It reads: ‘We are deeply saddened by the recent events in Connecticut. Senseless violence like this shooting affects all of us no matter where we live. We have developed armored backpacks and personal shields in addition to our vests but clearly we still have far to go.’

“Amendment II is one of several companies which appear to be looking to cash-in following the tragedy in Newtown.

Another firm Black Dragon Tactical, posted a link to their products on Facebook with the words: ‘Arm the teachers, in the meantime, bulletproof the kids. These panels fit into most common backpacks.’ Massachusetts company Bullet Blocker are offering their $224.99 ‘My Child’s Pack’ which is ‘rated to stop bullets up to and including 357 Magnum and 44 Magnum and Hollow Point Ammunition. ‘ On their homepage, next to a picture of a little girl waving goodbye to her mother as she sets off to school wearing a bullet-proof backpack, is written: ‘Today in History: We pray and say goodbye to more Newtown Angels’.”

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