A “Ministry for Men” Proposal

Getting unfairly greater pay for equal work, having too much responsibility, occupying a disproportionately large number of leadership positions – might this be more than men can handle? Jenna Price comments in today’s Canberra Times that there may be a solution in a “Ministry for Men”images-4

“For that matter, I might just have a go at it myself.

“And if I were the Minister for Men, there are some clear areas where I could make a difference. Blokes wouldn’t have to shoulder the responsibility for occupying 90 per cent of all the board seats in the top 200 companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. That’s far too much of a burden for any one group.

“I’d slash wages for men, so they wouldn’t have to be paid more to do the same work as women any longer. Why advocate for a pay cut? Because the gender pay gap is a trick to restrict mens’ roles. When you get paid more to do the same work as someone else, it leads to all sorts of expectations. It leads to the expectation that men will never want to stay home with their kids – or work part-time – or take time off to care for their elderly parents. We know that’s just not true any more; and we can’t pigeonhole men any longer. They’re men, not pigeons*, and they have a right to live their lives as God intended.“Men are naturally hunters and gatherers but hunting opportunities don’t seem to be available any more, unless you are a member of the Game Council of New South Wales. Women have taken over so many of the gathering roles, to the detriment of men. It is time we allowed men to take over the shopping roles.

“Time for men to be allowed to bring home the bread, not just win it. Time for men to cook meals for the family, hunt down clothing creases with an iron, and gather the laundry off the Hills Hoist. Also, men need to stop being forced to be politicians, the most pilloried occupation in the nation. It’s time we allowed them to pursue roles where they could earn real respect and status, as primary school teachers and nurses. Men, stay away from the shallow glories of law and politics. Those roles are demanding and best left to women, who have become naturally adept at multitasking, thanks to years of evolution.

“As Minister for Men, I’ll be campaigning strongly on sexual relations. Condoms must only be available on prescription – and only after the doctor has a serious discussion with you about why you need so many, then follows that up with questions about when was the last time you had a break from using a condom. Men will also have to have conversations with their pharmacists about whether they really understand how to use them. Naturally, pharmacists will be able to refuse to dispense them for reasons of personal ethics. This will improve men’s health, and it will stop them being pressured into casual sex by wanton women who care nothing for the psychological well-being of the young men they prey upon. Even more importantly, it will stop the growing number of single fathers in Australia. The soaring rate of single fatherhood in this country is a threat to the very fabric of our society. Once ease of access to condoms is curtailed, the rate of young men having unwanted pregnancies will plummet.”


Read more: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/comment/tipping-the-gender-imbalance-20130408-2hh59.html#ixzz2PtUxDtDw

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