Minecraft empire building

If you are one of the few people who doesn’t know about Minecraft, imagine a cross between Second Life and Legoland.

But more likely you indeed do know about Minecraft, because it arguably was the fastest growing online game craze of 2012, especially among kids.imgres-2

“Last year saw a total of more than 15 million purchases of Minecraft across all platforms, with Pocket Edition the leader at just under 5.9 million across iOS and Android,” reports Joystiq. “As if we needed any more proof of the blocky sandbox’s success, Mojang published concrete figures for last year’s sales, demonstrating just how prolific 2012 was for its franchise.”
“In addition to Pocket Edition, there were just under 4.2 million purchases of Minecraft on PC and Mac in 2012, and just over 5 million on Xbox Live Arcade. This is only speculation since it assumes all purchases were made at particular prices, but based on the games’ current North American prices our supercomputer reckons Mojang’s figures translate into a whopping $254 million of revenue, just from sales of the games alone.’


For more, see stories at: http://www.joystiq.com/2013/01/11/minecraft-purchased-over-15-million-times-across-2012/

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